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The R.O.C.K. is a 21st century Kingdom ministry that is on the move for God! 


·Our vision is to build and plant 21st century, Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, Community-building, and Kingdom-minded churches. 

·Our vision involves identifying, training, and equipping Kingdom-minded leaders worldwide.

·Our vision is to take the local global and make the global local by establishing a powerful Kingdom-minded, disciple-making church that will assist in taking the gospel of the Kingdom locally, nationally, and globally. 

·Our vision involves utilizing every conceivable medium of technology for the proclamation, explanation, and demonstration of the Kingdom of God worldwide.

·Our vision is to raise up a new generation of children, youth, and young adults who can lead the church in this 21st century context. 

·Our vision is to create inter-generational impartations and fellowship between the younger and older generations in order to touch our world for Christ. 

·Our vision is to create artistic, athletic, and academic programs for children and youth that support their spirituality, academic, and entrepreneurial success. 

·Our vision is to provide Kingdom definition for 21st century marriages that will help couples combat the rising divorce rate worldwide. 

·Our vision involves a global missions program that touches children and youth throughout the continent of Africa and beyond. 

·Our vision involves raising up a new generation of Kingdom-minded people who are financially literate, physically healthy, entrepreneurially minded, covenant keeping, spiritually mature, and on fire for God’s Kingdom!


Our vision is the call of God for our lives, and this is what we have been chosen to do at The R.O.C.K. Catch the vision, connect with the call, and join the journey for we have been brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this.

We are located at:

12224 Jourdan Crossing Blvd

Austin, Tx 78753

If you need help getting to our location, please call 512.334.9862 or send us an email to

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