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Service @ The ROCK ATX

The R.O.C.K. is a Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, Community-building, and Kingdom-minded community of faith that is expanding the Kingdom one life at a time. It is our commitment to provide a quality Kingdom worship experience and a magnetic atmosphere that draws people from the outside inside and drives people from the inside up! At The R.O.C.K., you can expect to be greeted with a smile, served with passion, and engaged with focus. You will walk into an environment that will say to you “this is a winning ministry organization with a significant vision.”

Our worship services are innovatively designed to be energetic, interactive, engaging, and conducive for salvation and spiritual growth. Each Kingdom worship service has its own dynamic impact! The R.O.C.K. is not "church" as usual...It is a Kingdom Experience!


Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday morning we have service at 10:30 AM! After opening up with scripture reading and prayer, we worship with a few praise songs. A few minutes later, our shepherd Dr. Charles A. Moody Jr comes out on stage and presents a powerful, relevant word that is sure to blow you away. You have never experienced anything like this before!


Sunday Evenings

Similar to the morning services, at 4 PM we open up with a different scripture and prayer before spending some time in worship. Dr, Moody is out a short time later with another relevant, kingdom message. The atmosphere is more casual and intimate, as we hear what God has to say.


Wednesday Nights

This is the true meaning of Bible study! At 7:30 Dr. Moody is out on stage and walks us through the bible. We are currently working through the old testament as we learn the true meaning of the scriptures, down to the original Greek words and how they are used in context.

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