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About Us

Our Core Values reflect who we are and what we believe, and they help guide us through our vision! They help to define the culture of the R.O.C.K.!


  • Excellence - We provide the best possible quality ministry product that we can produce, positioning our ministry as the leader in effective, innovative, biblically sound, Kingdom-minded ministry/churches. Our leadership team has both a passion and commitment to excellence – doing our best and being the best!

  • Execution - We resolve problems and provide timely solutions. It is delivering a quality project or product that satisfies the needs of both our internal and external customer/partner base and the financial demands of the organization. We meet needs and solve problems through creative thinking! 

  • Efficiency - We do the right things and do things right the first time! Efficiency is the optimum output of each leader in relationship to time, money, and energy! It is the ability to maximize savings and create surplus while outputting quality and timely products and projects. It is reducing waste and increasing productivity.

  • Energy - It is the mental disposition of everyone in the organization that produces a magnetism that draws people from the outside and drives people to the inside. It is our constant display of enthusiasm, passion, focus, innovation, participation, interaction, and non-verbal communication that says to everyone – “Yes, this is a winning organization with valuable ministry tools that meet the needs of both internal and external customers.”

  • Economic Sense - It is the focus on profitability. We cut costs and increase quality. We say, “If this does not make dollars, then it doesn’t make ‘cents’”! We must have provisions in order to maintain the vision.We negotiate the best prices; we reduce fixed costs and cut marginal costs while making the best use of our resources from charitable donations.

 + Evangelism & Discipleship - This value is the foundation of all other values. It is the value of  importance of human relationships.  It is our total commitment to pleasing and servicing both our  internal and external customers.  Customer/partner service is key to maintaining our  customer/partner base. Thus we serve with a  smile, we please with a passion, we engage with  focus, and provide solutions with pleasure.

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