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Kingdom Ambassadors

The Kingdom Ambassadors Youth Ministry is designed to build up Bible-centered, Spirit-filled, and community-building leaders by assisting youth in answering such life-defining questions as, "Who am I?", "Where am I going?", and "How do I get there?" in practical, relevant ways, and to reach pre-Christian youth on their level through grounded, practical evangelistic efforts.


Our Mission

It is our mission to effectively reach all youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, instructing and inspiring them to make disciples for Christ by:

  • Fostering and encouraging spiritual growth and vision within our youth

  • Compelling youth to apply biblical principles to their everyday lives

  • Assisting youth in taking ownership of the ministry

  • Preparing youth to replace the current leaders as leaders of tomorrow

The Kingdom Ambassador's youth ministry aims to ensure that our youth are being properly discipled into fully functioning adult Kingdom citizens. The program we utilize in order to accomplish this goal is our AAA Plus Academics Program.

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