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Our Vision

Moody Housing
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What's Next?
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Community Coalition for Health

(also known as C2H) will empower you to take life back into your own hands! You will become inspired with delicious recipes and begin to understand how food works with your body. You will understand your medicines and bring your health to levels you never thought possible. Bring the family together and make a difference that impacts you, them and even the next generation to come.

In the Classroom

Alpha Preparatory Academy

We will increase the academic status of all children by building Alpha Academy and providing academic support services designed to address the unique needs of minority children. We will establish programs that will guide children from birth through college as a means to develop all prepared citizens who will have a positive impact on the community.

Stone Builder

Moody Housing Corporation

Moody Housing and Development Corporation provides services that will transition individuals from renting into home ownership. We will build affordable housing for those who have been systematically displaced due to a combination of geographic location and systematic oppression. Our goal is to help families maintain stability through financial enlightenment and teaching better ways to budget. 

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What's Next?

We will develop globally minded leaders who can take the Kingdom message to the world through the church while being able to apply those same principles in the secular business world. Most importantly, we will utilize all these methodologies to reach those who don’t know, Jesus Christ, the King, and to make Him known to them and others. 

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