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Go BIG! 2024 Stewardship Campaign

Ready? Set. Go!

As we lace up our cleats and set our sights on the goals ahead, I’m reaching out to rally our incredible team for the upcoming season—our Go BIG! Stewardship Initiative 2024. This isn't just any play; it's our major league push to fortify the foundations and expand the reach of our beloved community.


 Why Go BIG? 

Think of our church as our home field, where every service, every meeting, and every community event is a game where we can score points for the Kingdom. To keep our home field advantage, we need to upgrade our facilities, support our ministries, and enhance our outreach programs. That’s where our Go BIG! Initiative kicks in.


 The Play-by-Play 

To kickstart our initiative, we’re rolling out a 14-day digital prayer guide from

May 5th - May 17th filled with daily devotionals, stirring video content, and interactive elements to engage each of you. This guide is designed to prepare our spirits and align our hearts as we look to make a transformative impact together.

 Join the Huddle 

This campaign is more than just raising funds; it's about strengthening our team spirit and commitment to God's mission. We need you dressed and ready to play your part. Whether you’re the star player, the steadfast goalie, or the cheering squad, your role is critical in our collective success.

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